The Mindful Rider

The Mindful Rider is a 14-day introductory course for riders who want to learn how to harness the power of their minds and hone their habits—in and out of the saddle—so they can become all that they dream of being in the saddle.

You’ve heard it said before:

Riding is 90% mental and 10% physical.

Yet, most trainers provide little in the way of formal instruction to students about how to train themselves mentally so they can make the most out of the physical training. What they teach their students is 90% physical, 10% mental—if their students are lucky.

I experienced firsthand the power of mindset work when my own riding was transformed by it—after nearly a decade of not achieving a single riding goal, I began to achieve my goals. What changed? I had started to train my mind for dressage, not solely my riding skills. As a result, I am passionate about sharing what I learned with other like-minded riders.

My mindset training came from my experiences being around top equestrian professionals, observing what they do, and asking questions and through my own trial and error of figuring out what worked (and didn’t) for me. It was a HUGH revelation when I learned the top riders I looked up to—like Steffen Peters and Courtney King-Dye– actively trained their minds for riding and competition as diligently as they trained their bodies!

Although my style is my own, my experiences working at a top European Stud Farm, for a WEG and 2x Olympic-qualified rider, a top European coach and also for a former US Team rider, grooming for a World Champion AT the championships, being mentored by an Olympian, and top FEI and Olympic judges, working with renowned sports psychologists and modern day classical dressage legends and protogés, gave me a front-row seat into the attitudes, approaches and mindset habits that the elite in dressage have adopted. I’m also blessed to know rising star dressage and eventing riders from “way back when.”

Through all of these experiences, I learned what truly separates the good from the great is mindset.

In The Mindful Rider, I’ve distilled what I’ve learned into 14 easily digestible lessons to help you harness the power of your mind for success in dressage.

We’ll cover topics including:

  • Goal setting
  • Alignment between present situation and end goal
  • How to take aligned action towards your end goal each day
  • Different ways to still the internal chatter and clear your mind when you ride
  • Cultivating the partnership you dream of having with your horse
  • Developing the habits that will boost your success in the saddle
  • Overcoming obstacles to reach your goals
  • Identifying and creating what you want in your riding + partnership with your horse
  • Assessing if some of the compromises and trade offs you’re currently making are holding you back rather than propelling you forward
  • Self-acceptance and self-love and the role it plays in your riding
  • Risk-taking and how to take calculated risks to become bolder in your riding

…and MUCH more!

Throughout this LIVE course, you’ll receive a daily lesson straight into your inbox. Each lesson includes a short audio training and an exercise to help you use the mindset tool discussed in the day’s lesson. This course is for the action-takers who want simple instructions and then get to work putting everything into practice.

PLUS, there will be 2 longer live trainings and a Q&A session that will take place throughout the course. Additionally, you will receive access to the exclusive Facebook group where you will have direct access to Meredith and other driven dressage riders who want to be more in their riding. Of course, you will get to keep the audios and exercises for life. It’s all yours, beautiful!

This for the select few riders who are not satisfied with reducing dressage to a set of bio-mechanical motions and riding techniques to perfect.

This is for those who want to become great riders and experience firsthand what the Masters wrote about.

This is for those who want to have fun and laugh a little (or a LOT!) while bringing their horse up the levels.

This is for those who are tired, frustrated, and burnt out not achieving their goals in the saddle, no matter how many hours they spend in the saddle, the quality of training they receive or money they spend.

This is for those ruled by the internal chatter in their heads and can never find a few moments of peace when riding.

This is for those who dream of having an actual partnership with their horse, and long for more than a push-button trick pony, no matter how pretty s/he may be.

This is absolutely NOT for anyone who is happy with where they are at in riding and with their horse, going along with the status quo. For those who are happy with how hard dressage is, who don’t care about the Masters or creating thing like art, beauty, harmony, and a partnership between two souls.

…but that’s not you again, is it?

As soon as you join, you’ll immediately get access to the exclusive Facebook group. We kick off on August 15th!

The Early Bird rate for The Mindful Rider is $49. After that, it will be $159.. As a BONUS for you early birds, you’ll receive a list of 15 of the goals I commonly set for myself and my horses AND 10 of my favorite journaling exercises.

Get in now while you can still nab the discounted rate!


I can’t remember a time in my life where I did NOT want to learn to ride well. I was a diligent student, taking bi-weekly (or even, during some periods of my life—daily) lessons, and consistently showing up for lessons ready to learn and improve. But at one point it seemed like no matter how hard I tried to learn or how many lessons I took, I kept hitting the same blocks. Moreover, things I had read from the Dressage masters and learned in the USDF “L” judging program didn’t fully align with what I was experiencing in the saddle. The more I started to ask questions, the more I ended up learning about mindset work. After I started to focus on my mindset—my mental approach to riding, and not just the physical and technical approaches—the faster I started to overcome my blocks. I started to have more fun with my horse and my experiences began to align with what the Masters taught.

I went from a “6” rider to a “8” rider in a few short months.

Join me as I share stories and anecdotes and wisdom gained directly and indirectly, along with the lessons I learned from experiencing nearly 10 years of not achieving my own riding goals to achieving them.

HURRY! Take advantage of the limited Early Bird discount. Prices go up on August 8th!

YES!! I want to join The Mindful Rider!

Can’t wait to see you on the inside!

Ride Happily,


Meredith & Stormy Cropped