Daily Impulse

Daily prompts to get your head in the game, unleash creativity and to become more effective in the saddle– for driven riders, only!

I’m SO excited to share with you the best journaling prompts, visualization exercises, and creative un-blockers and straight to your inbox each morning. My riding transformed SO much from these things and I can’t wait to hear how they impacted your riding, too!

You’ll get my best exercises on creating a mindset for success, creating the partnership you desire with your horse, letting go and being creative in the saddle, seat exercises, ride strategy, goal setting and MORE!

This is for the rider who wants to become MORE. Who isn’t satisfied with their weekly (or bi-weekly) lesson. This is for the riders who want to tap into their creative spirit, for those to whom the arena is a blank canvas and their horse the medium. This is for those who want to let loose and RIDE rather than be constrained by the opinions of others of how dressage “should” be. This is for those who want to smile and laugh while they ride. This is for those who are tired of riding around in endless 20m circles. This is for those who want to create– the moment, the feeling, the expression, the ride, the legendary partnership. This is for the riders who realize they can be every bit as productive in 10 minutes on the ground as 30 minutes in the saddle. This is for those who want to put in the work to become great.

Every day receive a different exercise in your mailbox (or by text, if you prefer) to get your head in the game and to unleash creativity and FUN in your riding.

You’ll receive exercises on:

  • Creating what you what first in your mind
  • Setting effective goals — and exercises on
  • Setting ride “themes”
  • Unleashing creativity
  • Livening up your rides
  • Creating the partnership you want with your horse
  • Rider seat, position, aids
  • Handling nerves, fear and anxiety
  • Post-ride review

Learning to tap into deep practice was like strapping rocket blasters on my riding boots– I was able to better remember what my instructors taught me my lessons. The struggle to reproduce the good strides in my lessons decreased. Moreover, it gave me the boost I needed to connect what I was being told to what I was feeling. Suddenly, I found I was able to take control of my progress. Everything accelerated from there. I want you to experience the same feeling and sense of freedom! Dressage was no longer a murky subject; the circles and straight lines no longer felt like alchemy– they had a purpose. Progress was no longer in my trainer’s hands and getting it right no longer felt like luck (and being at the mercy of my horse).

I want to share with you exactly what I do to create the feeling I want in my horse and the progress I desire as a rider.

YES!! I want the Daily Impulse!