Passion precedes excellence.

Hi, I’m Meredith Crawford. If you’re reading this then maybe you’re a bit like me– dedicated, focused, driven, and determined– but your time in the saddle is limited. You are obsessed with becoming a top notch dressage rider, but for a myriad of reasons riding multiple horses a day under a watchful eye is not feasible. You are also itching to tap into the artistic side of dressage and your own creativity– or maybe even join the “Dressage is NOT dull and boring” camp– but don’t know how or even where to begin.

This site was born out of the many journals I scribbled during nearly 15 years of riding with top trainers, instructors and judges around the US and Europe. I share some of the insights and lessons I learned — some taught, most through my own trial and error– as I tapped into the power of deep practice to progress faster while riding more artfully and having FUN while doing so. As I progressed, I discovered that technical excellence is achieved through creative play, coupled with an obsession about the rider’s seat and aids.

Here, I share the exact mindset work, strategies and exercises in and out of the saddle that transformed my riding and continue to shape me into the rider I dream of becoming — and can do the same for you.

Are you in?