You Are Not Creating The Results You want In Life Because Your Self-Worth Is Still Tied Up In Them.

You want something? You better not get your identity tangled up in having it. The things you want in your life– the relationships, the sponsors, the money, the horses, the car, the accolades– all of those are accessories. Can you image walking around with your favorite helmet (or top hat, if you still wear them) and earrings sutured onto you? How awkward and cumbersome! How stifling of your personal expression!

Yet, you do it all the time with titles, accolades, sponsors, fame.

The results you create in your life do not define you. You are not a better person, a more special person, a more worthy person, a more notable person because you reached a certain benchmark. Your results are separate from you– just like your earrings and helmet.

The faster you embrace this, the faster the things you DO want in your life come into it. Express who you are with those things, but don’t attach them onto you. They are only… “things.”

Instead, focus on the things that matter– who you BE and how you touch those around you. Those are the only things worth having. You can’t adorn yourself with them because they come from within. As you allow them to come forth, the other things you wanted will come to you– not because you sought them out and made them part of your identity, but because you chose to adorn yourself with them– like a great pair of opal and diamond teardrop earrings.

What are you waiting for?