You Find Your Art In Stillness

Power lies not in force, but in quietness.

While I lived in Germany, one of the trainers there would watch the young horses we were training together settle into the work. They would transform from being tense and anxious to settled and relaxed. As the horse metamorphosed, his stride became open; the topline more supple. The trainer would often look at me with a satisfied knowing expression and say, “In die Ruhe, liegt die Kraft.” Roughly translated into English, it means “In quietness lies the power.”

No matter how much we drove the young horse forward or he rushed, the true power and true beauty emerged when the horse had a calm mind and moved without tension or anxiety.

Stillness is key.

Recently, I noticed I ride better on the days where I am not rushing to get from one thing to the next. The feelings of hustle and excitement– which fuel my entrepreneurial side– hinder me from finding art in stillness.

I don’t have any easy tricks to recapture that stillness, except to slow down, take a few deep breaths, and remember the words of the old trainer quietly ringing in my ear– “In die Ruhe, liegt die Kraft.”

What hinders you from riding from a place of inner stillness? How can you help your horse tap into his quietness?