Let Yourself Be Surprised

Dressage rider and control freak are eerily synonymous.

There’s something about the discipline that I can’t quite put my finger on that hones– no breeds– control freaks. Perhaps it’s the objective to have everything “just so,” at every moment, all of the time.

Yet, in agonizing, even obsessing, over the things that we think should be ordered, we sell ourselves short of the bigger picture: the relationship.

By trying to order things, we lose trust in our horse. In place of what should be a mutual partnership, we are micromanaging control freaks. Instead of a willing partnership, we become like parents nagging their kids or that clingy, nagging girlfriend.

In trust, we become vulnerable.

What happens when we let go of the control freak?

The horse begins to give generously. We push for a “7;” the horse offers an “8+.” We ask for a half-halt, the horse gives half-steps.

When the horse offers more quality than you ask for– take it!! Let go of the control freak and let yourself be surprised by the horse’s generosity.

What would it take for you to relinquish the control freak and ride from trust?