You Got to Let it All Go

If you are anything like me, you are driven, goal-oriented and focused.

You know what you want and you’re not afraid to go after it. You have your milestones picked out, you know when you want them, and you are salivating to achieve it– the first flying changes on the new horse; then the double bridle, then the half-steps, and the tempis.

And yet– the instant you claim that timeline and those milestones– your art ceases to be art.

You have to let it all go–

the timelines

the milestones

the drive to achieve.

Unfurl your tightened fists, one finger at a time around those things. You can achieve those milestones or you can have your art, but you cannot have both.

If you choose your milestones, art may be a byproduct, but it will not be front and center in your riding. There is a part of the picture that will always be forced. If you chose art, you may eventually achieve those milestones, but it will be on its own timeline, in its own way.

The way of art is a way of surrender and patience.

There are no formulas for cultivating those things in life; one must learn them through experience and the guide posts life provides.

Living, riding, training from a position of surrender is uncomfortably vulnerable, but is being in control and driving progress forward at the cost of art worth it?

Which will it be–surrender or control? Milestones or art? It’s yours to decide.