It Begins In Your Mind

It was one of those days.

You know them– you go out to the barn anticipating a great ride…only for construction to start on the house next to the arena and you’re on a horse who is a total scaredy cat.

I had a fantastic ride anyways. Phenomenal, even.

You know what?

Even with all of the construction, he didn’t put a foot wrong. My ride was not marred by tension and distraction– the furthest from it. He put his trust in me because I rode him exactly where he was at and not where I thought he should be. The next time I ride him, he’ll give me whatever I ask for. He just will.

Rides like those don’t come by accident.

They come because I’ve learned to train my mind.

They come because I learned how to set goals– but not let them consume me.

They come because I allow myself to “go there” and receive.

I created IMPULSE to help other riders tap into the same partnership, the same art, the same harmony as I regularly experience.

One cannot simply flip a switch to become the rider you dream of with a legendary partnership. Habits must be formed– and it begins in your mind.

IMPULSE is about empowering riders daily though mindset exercises to become more effective in the saddle—regardless of which level you’re currently riding at.

I designed this 3-month bootcamp to equip riders with mindset skills and strategies that make each stride constructive, while removing creative blocks, to ride in an artful flow.

It’s about bringing together like-minded riders to support each other as everyone peruses the same desire: to be all you can be.

If this sounds of interest to you, visit the IMPULSE page on the Where Art Meets Sport website.

Want to jump right in? Go here to sign up.