Gratitude Leads The Way

Sometimes gratitude wins the day.

Riding– and learning to ride well as an adult– takes sacrifice. There are the milestones we miss in the lives of those around us because we need to be at the barn, a show or clinic somewhere. Then there are the second jobs, odd jobs, and long hours we work in order to afford our passion enough that it maintains a foothold in our lives.

Yet, it can be easy to grow bitter when we see opportunities go to those who seem to have it easy. Ambition can blind us and make us bitter at what we do not have and what we have not yet obtained.

Gratitude is different and comes gently to us.

It comes in the unexpected gift of riding a schoolmaster.

It comes from everyone stepping up to play their part to keep the horse healthy, happy and progressing– trainers, grooms, barn managers, farriers, vets, the list goes on– because they believe in you and your horse.

It comes from the horse letting us put them in situations that are unnatural to them because they trust us.

It comes from the horse’s heart seeking to learn.

Gratitude disarms ambition and paves the way for a beautiful, harmonious partnership.

Spend a few minutes at the barn before you get on your horse reflecting on everything you are grateful to your horse, supportive team, and riding community for. Notice how it reframes your mindset for your ride.