Art Meet Sport or Sport Meet Art?

The art side of dressage is important.

That is why this site is where art meets sport, not where sport meets art. There is an important, yet subtle difference there. The former begins with art and moves towards sporting excellence, where the latter begins with sporting excellence and moves towards artistic beauty.

Tying in to yesterday’s post– there is no anxiety or fear in art. There may be an artistic representation of those feelings, but they themselves do not produce art. That is why the trust and boldness I referenced yesterday are important to cultivate.

When I was 13 and shopping for my first dressage horse, my instructor at the time told my mom that there were two types of riders– those who prefer to train and those who prefer to show. At the time it was unclear which one I would become. Whether from chance or temperament, I ended up squarely as someone who prefers to train.

It may seem odd that for someone who lives and breaths training, I would begin a rider-focused site. Here’s the catch: I approach training a horse the way an artist would approach a blank canvas. The rider is the artist, the horse is the medium. Don’t teach the artist how to paint, teach them to express themselves.

It’s in the moments of stillness between horse and rider that the magic happens.

Create beauty.

Be in harmony with nature.

Seek excellence.

Have fun doing it.

If the this resonates with you, then I hope you’ll come along for the ride.




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